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There are over 200 museums in Saint Petersburg. Each of them is worth paying attention and can tell something unique about the Northern capital of Russia. How the theatre history evolved, how noble families and peoples of the Russian lived, evidences of military and maritime history, publishing industry nuances — you will never have a full list of insights that the museums can give you. Petersburg Inside is a project that aims to discover museums that don’t usually have long lines at the enterance, but still they keep a lot of mysteries and interesting things.

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What is Petersburg Inside

A media project aimed make museums of Saint Petersburg more popular and well-known. The focus is on the museums that are not listed in world-known top lists, although they definately are worth visiting.

exactly what st.petersburg needs

The statistics says there are 221 museums in Saint Petersburg (according to as of 2020). A part of them is widely known, while the majority need to be covered by mass media more and to have more attention by general public

preventing overtourism

10.4 M tourists visited Saint Petersburg in 2019. When they plan their trips and choose tours, they mostly consult top 10 lists of popular ratings, which are often very much alike. As a result, some museums have long lines, whil others remain “underloaded” even in the high tourist season.

attracting mass media

In 2019 the State Hermitage was visited by 4.5 M people, Peterhof museum-reserve had 6.2 M visitors. A Russian mass media and social networks monitoring system “Medialogia” reports about 63 K of media hits of the Hermitage annually. As a comparison, only 3 K references were stated for the Russiam Museum of Ethnography.

common parctice

Overtourism has become a challenge for Amsterdam, Venice, Barcelona and other cities. Амстердама, Венеции, Барселоны и других городов. The Park Güell has a limit of 800 visitors an hour. Amsterdam is already promoting the Amsterdam Region concept in order to attract tourist to the areas away from the city centre, such places are also included in I Amsterdam City Card.

Indicators & numbes


museum participated in 2019


materials in printed and online media


authors who attended, wrote and filmed


million people make the overll audience

Museums who participate

Museum of Theatre and Music Art

Роскошные костюмы, выполненные в мастерских императорских театров, макеты и эскизы соседствуют с интерактивными арт-объектами и рассказом о творчестве прославленных мастеров сцены. 

Memorial Museum of A. Suvorov

Ядра, оружие и предметы снаряжения, найденные на местах боев, гравированные портреты сподвижников и противников Суворова, образцы альпийских минералов и даже чучело альпийского орла.

Russian Museum of Ethnography

Предметы быта, рисунки, гравюры, документальные фотографии и другие этнографические памятники XVIII–XX вв., отражающие культуру более 150 народов России и сопредельных государств.

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Metro Saint Petersburg
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